British zoo welcomes birth of endangered Philippine spotted deer fawn

A British zoo announced the birth of an endangered Philippine spotted deer at the facility.

The Newquay Zoo said keepers discovered mother Belle gave birth to a fawn during the weekend, just under a year after Belle was introduced to male deer Neil in the hopes the pair would procreate.

The sex of the newborn has not yet been determined, but the birth is being hailed as “a great success for the zoo,” officials said in the birth announcement.

The fawn was on its feet and following its mother around the enclosure within minutes of its birth, the zoo said.

“We were watching and waiting for Belle to give birth for several days, so it was very exciting to see that the fawn had not only arrived, but that it was out in full view and exploring its surroundings,” zookeeper team leader Dave Rich said. “Mum, dad and the baby are all happy and healthy, and can be seen spending much of their time together.”

Philippine spotted deer, also known as Alfred’s deer, are considered to be one of the world’s most endangered species of deer.